Visa Fees

The payment for visa shall be made in Askari Bank (Pakistan) to the account of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republicin the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,Islamabad after submitting the documents:

Account name: The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic

Askari Bank (Pakistan) 

Type of visa


Visa fee

Normal Base

upto 7 working days

Urgent Base

upto 3 working days

Single Visa


Up to 1 month




From 1 to 3 months




From 3 to 6 months



Multiple Visa


Up to 1 month




From 1 to 3 months




From 3 to 6 months




From 6 to 1 year



Tourist visa


Single up to 1 month



  Double up to 1 month              65$           120$

Double up to 3 months




Group (for one person)



Transit visa

Up to 5 days







Visa for Citizens of Pakistan

Dear visitors,

 1.The visa applicants should first get an appointment by phone no.051-2212196 and come at given date and time. The visitors without previous appointment will not be attended by the consular section of the embassy.

 2.   Please note that consular section will be open for visitors from 09.00 am - 1.00 pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Visa is issued from        3:00 pm to 5:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

 3.   Visa applicants, who does not possess all required documents for visa should provide all the requested documents as per list below:

  1. Invitation by Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic (visa reference)
  2. Two visa application forms fully completed (typed) by the applicant. (Download Visa Form)
  3. Copy of passport and NIC of the applicant valid at least six months from the date the visa starts
  4. Two resent photos of applicant (passport size) with white background
  5. Police character certificate (in English, attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan)
  6. Medical certificate (hiv-aids,hcv,hbv and tb, attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan in case of Certificate from Private Hospitals )
  7. Diplomas and certificates of education (for students)
  8. Bank statement for last six months (for businessmen)
  9. Hand written application for visa

 4.   After closure of the consular section visa applicants will not be attended.


Prior submitting the document (please be advised a copy of each document should be submitted to the consular section) to the Embassy it has to be authenticated in the following order: 

To legalize documents in the consular section please submit it after

  1. A document should pass the local notary public office.
  2. Certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

The Legalization process takes from 2 to 10 working days.

Visa for Foreigners


For citizens from 56 countries probably reception of the visa within 3 months on the basis of the personal reference without an invitation presentation in any Embassy of Kyrgyzstan or on an arrival at the international airport "Manas":


Australia       Greece          Malta             Saudi Arabia
Austria         Israel          Mexico            Slovakia
Andorra         Ireland         Monaco            the United States
Argentina       Iceland         the Netherlands   Turkey
Bulgaria        Spain           Norway            Thailand
Belgium         Italy           New Zealand       Philippines
Brazil          Canada          the United Arab   Finland
Bosnia and      Cyprus          Poland            France
Vatican         Republic        Portugalija       Horvatija
Great Britain   Lithuania       Romania           Montenegro
Hungary         Latvia          San Marino        Chazsh
Vietnam         Liechtenstein   Serbia            Switzerland
Germany         Luxembourg      Slovenia          Sweden
Denmark         Macedonia       Singapore         Estonia


For visiting by tourists of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
For tourists from some countries having Kazakh (from the list of the countries №1) or Kyrgyz (from the list of the countries №2) the tourist double (multiple) visa, it is possible to visit both Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, thus the first country of visiting should be that country which visa is available. (That is, having a double Kazakh tourist visa the first country of visiting there should be Kazakhstan, and then Kyrgyzstan).
According to the bilateral agreement between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan about a mutual recognition of tourist visas:
- In Kazakhstan it is possible to visit Almaty and Dzhambul areas,
- In Kyrgyzstan it is possible to visit Issyk kul, Chuy and Talas areas.


According to bilateral agreements a visa-free regime till 30 days 
1. For citizens of Malaysia and Turkey (all categories of passports).
2. For owners diplomatic and service passports: Hungary, the Peoples Republic of China, Turkmenistan, Islamic Republic Iran, Islamic Republic Pakistan (diplomatic), Slovakia, Korea/


According to the legislation of Kyrgyzstan a visa-free regime for unlimited term:
1. For citizens of Japan (all categories of passports).
2. For owners of diplomatic passports of following states: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the USA, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden.


Kyrgyzstan introduced a visa-free regime for citizens of 44 countries up to 60 days




President of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambaev signed the Law "On introduction of visa free regime for citizens of some countries for up to 60 days."The law was adopted in order to simplify procedures for issuing visas to foreign citizens and increase the attractiveness of the tourism market, tourism development and investments.




This Law was entered in force on July 27, 2012.


The list of countries:


1. Australia


2. Republic of Austria


3. Kingdom of Belgium


4. Bosnia and Herzegovina


5. Vatican


6. U.K.


7. Hungary


8. Federal Republic of Germany


9. Kingdom of the Netherlands


10. The Hellenic Republic


11. Kingdom of Denmark


12. Iceland


13. Kingdom of Ireland


14. Kingdom of Spain


15. The Italian Republic


16. Canada


17. Republic of Korea


18. Kuwait


19. The Republic of Latvia


20. The Republic of Lithuania


21. The principality of Liechtenstein


22. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


23. Republic of Malta


24. The Principality of Monaco


25. New Zealand


26. Kingdom of Norway


27. United Arab Emirates


28. The Republic of Poland


29. Portuguese Republic


30. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


31. The Republic of Singapore


32. The Slovak Republic


33. The Republic of Slovenia


34. United States of America


35. Republic of Finland


36. The French Republic


37. The Republic of Croatia


38. The Czech Republic


39. The Swiss Confederation


40. Kingdom of Sweden


41. The Republic of Estonia


42. Qatar


43. Brunei Darussalam


44. Kingdom of Bahrain



Dear All!

In case of some corruption activities from the staff of Embassy you are requested to inform about it to the Office of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic by following phone numbers:

(+996-312) 625-385 ( 9:00 - 18:00 daily)

or through following web-site






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